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"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

- Thomas Edison
:Welcome All:
       We are the mystic warrior's of age's past,We fight fierce,strong, & true.In the heat of battle's,that rage's against the abyss.We will withstand & defend till Valhalla call's us from within.For we are the true guardian's of light,That's what make's us able to stand agianst the evil of the Fury.For we are the Ultimate warrior's within Valkyrie Wolves.Will you answer the warrior's call with in?
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ValkSaber, Feb 7, 11 6:21 AM.
yay! great job guys im so proud of every1 that joined us in grb, we kept our rank 2 y'all rocked it yesterday keep up the great work i know if we stay r course & stand firm we can take rank1, r grb'ers are truly awesome we are winning respect & getting notice by other guild's & player's alike because of y'all. you're all number 1s in my book & hold your heads up high my Valkyrie Wolves we did great this wk in grb

On Guild House

ValkSaber, Jan 12, 11 12:14 PM.
We Finally got it guy's we can enter it after 5 day's of buying it Founder Leader Does Happy Happy Dance.


ValkSaber, Jan 12, 11 12:11 PM.
We Ranked 3 On GRB Yay! We Did Awesome!
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